Proteins in Virus Orthologous Group

Species name Protein name
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003987186.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003986584.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003987118.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003986581.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003986993.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003986530.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003987435.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003986769.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003986502.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003987277.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003986589.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003987119.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003986583.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003987066.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003986579.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003986791.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003986516.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003987373.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus YP_003986613.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354019.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354553.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354826.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354401.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354781.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354301.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354734.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354079.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354718.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354510.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354810.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354358.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354780.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354083.1
Acanthamoeba polyphaga moumouvirus YP_007354723.1
Acanthocystis turfacea Chlorella virus 1 YP_001427049.1
Acanthocystis turfacea Chlorella virus 1 YP_001426508.1
BeAn 58058 virus YP_009329627.1
BeAn 58058 virus YP_009329610.1
BeAn 58058 virus YP_009329814.1
BeAn 58058 virus YP_009329783.1
BeAn 58058 virus YP_009329634.1
BeAn 58058 virus YP_009329620.1
BeAn 58058 virus YP_009329609.1
BeAn 58058 virus YP_009329791.1
BeAn 58058 virus YP_009329782.1
Bovine papular stomatitis virus NP_958037.1
Bovine papular stomatitis virus NP_958034.1
Bovine papular stomatitis virus NP_957917.1
Bovine papular stomatitis virus NP_957912.1
Bovine papular stomatitis virus NP_958036.1
Bovine papular stomatitis virus NP_958031.1
Bovine papular stomatitis virus NP_957913.1
Cafeteria roenbergensis virus BV-PW1 (CroV) YP_003969861.1
Cafeteria roenbergensis virus BV-PW1 (CroV) YP_003970062.1
Cafeteria roenbergensis virus BV-PW1 (CroV) YP_003970073.1
Camelpox virus NP_570418.1
Camelpox virus NP_570394.1
Camelpox virus NP_570592.1
Camelpox virus NP_570570.1
Camelpox virus NP_570407.1
Camelpox virus NP_570599.1
Camelpox virus NP_570590.1
Canarypox virus NP_955166.1
Canarypox virus NP_955327.1
Canarypox virus NP_955051.1
Canarypox virus NP_955314.1
Canarypox virus NP_955069.1
Canarypox virus NP_955323.1
Canarypox virus NP_955042.1
Canarypox virus NP_955252.1
Canarypox virus NP_955065.1
Canarypox virus NP_955320.1
Canarypox virus NP_955038.1
Canarypox virus NP_955174.1
Canarypox virus NP_955341.1
Canarypox virus NP_955063.1
Canarypox virus NP_955318.1
Canarypox virus NP_955032.1
Canarypox virus NP_955167.1
Canarypox virus NP_955332.1
Canarypox virus NP_955053.1
Canarypox virus NP_955316.1
Canarypox virus NP_955073.1
Canarypox virus NP_955326.1
Canarypox virus NP_955043.1
Canarypox virus NP_955256.1
Canarypox virus NP_955067.1
Canarypox virus NP_955321.1
Canarypox virus NP_955040.1
Canarypox virus NP_955246.1
Canarypox virus NP_955342.1
Canarypox virus NP_955064.1
Canarypox virus NP_955319.1
Canarypox virus NP_955034.1
Canarypox virus NP_955173.1
Canarypox virus NP_955337.1
Canarypox virus NP_955057.1
Canarypox virus NP_955317.1
Cotesia congregata bracovirus YP_184871.1
Cotesia congregata bracovirus YP_184810.1
Cotesia congregata bracovirus YP_184826.1
Cotia virus SPAn232 (COTV) YP_005296346.1
Cotia virus SPAn232 (COTV) YP_005296211.1
Cotia virus SPAn232 (COTV) YP_005296372.1
Cotia virus SPAn232 (COTV) YP_005296204.1
Cotia virus SPAn232 (COTV) YP_005296352.1
Cotia virus SPAn232 (COTV) YP_005296347.1
Cotia virus SPAn232 (COTV) YP_005296219.1
Cotia virus SPAn232 (COTV) YP_005296207.1
Cotia virus SPAn232 (COTV) YP_005296369.1
Cotia virus SPAn232 (COTV) YP_005296350.1
Cowpox virus NP_619808.1
Cowpox virus NP_619994.1
Cowpox virus NP_619805.1
Cowpox virus NP_619979.1
Cowpox virus NP_619828.1
Cowpox virus NP_620004.1
Cowpox virus NP_619814.1
Cowpox virus NP_620000.1
Cowpox virus NP_619806.1
Cowpox virus NP_619992.1
Cowpox virus NP_619800.1
Cowpox virus NP_619830.1
Cowpox virus NP_619816.1
Cowpox virus NP_620003.1
Deerpox virus W-848-83 YP_227541.1
Deerpox virus W-848-83 YP_227539.1
Deerpox virus W-848-83 YP_227396.1
Deerpox virus W-848-83 YP_227540.1
Deerpox virus W-848-83 YP_227536.1
Deerpox virus W-848-83 YP_227391.1
Ectocarpus siliculosus virus 1 NP_077642.1
Ectocarpus siliculosus virus 1 NP_077516.1
Ectocarpus siliculosus virus 1 NP_077493.1
Ectocarpus siliculosus virus 1 NP_077684.1
Ectocarpus siliculosus virus 1 NP_077627.1
Ectocarpus siliculosus virus 1 NP_077506.1
Ectocarpus siliculosus virus 1 NP_077486.1
Ectromelia virus NP_671673.1
Ectromelia virus NP_671539.1
Ectromelia virus NP_671523.1
Ectromelia virus NP_671684.1
Ectromelia virus NP_671540.1
Ectromelia virus NP_671528.1
Ectromelia virus NP_671690.1
Feldmannia species virus YP_002154731.1
Fowlpox virus NP_038985.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039194.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039125.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039207.1
Fowlpox virus NP_038977.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039190.1
Fowlpox virus NP_038997.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039204.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039186.1
Fowlpox virus NP_038989.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039197.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039182.1
Fowlpox virus NP_038986.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039195.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039179.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039208.1
Fowlpox virus NP_038981.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039191.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039078.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039205.1
Fowlpox virus NP_038975.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039188.1
Fowlpox virus NP_038994.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039203.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039185.1
Fowlpox virus NP_038987.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039196.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039181.1
Fowlpox virus NP_039209.1
Glypta fumiferanae ichnovirus YP_001029410.1
Glypta fumiferanae ichnovirus YP_001029373.1
Glypta fumiferanae ichnovirus YP_001029391.1
Goatpox virus Pellor YP_001293339.1
Goatpox virus Pellor YP_001293336.1
Goatpox virus Pellor YP_001293343.1
Goatpox virus Pellor YP_001293338.1
Goatpox virus Pellor YP_001293204.1
Hyposoter fugitivus ichnovirus (HfIV) YP_001031327.1
Hyposoter fugitivus ichnovirus (HfIV) YP_001031239.1
Hyposoter fugitivus ichnovirus (HfIV) YP_001031328.1
Hyposoter fugitivus ichnovirus (HfIV) YP_001031249.1
Infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus (ISKNV) NP_612341.1
Infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus (ISKNV) NP_612347.1
Infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus (ISKNV) NP_612299.1
Lumpy skin disease virus NI-2490 NP_150579.1
Lumpy skin disease virus NI-2490 NP_150586.1
Lumpy skin disease virus NI-2490 NP_150581.1
Lumpy skin disease virus NI-2490 NP_150446.1
Lumpy skin disease virus NI-2490 NP_150582.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894668.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894189.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894905.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894553.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004895128.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894136.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894903.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894449.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004895015.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894882.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894249.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004895002.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894721.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894220.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894954.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894576.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004895130.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894162.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894904.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894511.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004895033.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894902.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894318.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004895007.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894839.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894223.1
Megavirus chiliensis YP_004894977.1
Microplitis demolitor bracovirus (MdBV) YP_239380.1
Microplitis demolitor bracovirus (MdBV) YP_239369.1
Microplitis demolitor bracovirus (MdBV) YP_239402.1
Microplitis demolitor bracovirus (MdBV) YP_239384.1
Microplitis demolitor bracovirus (MdBV) YP_239379.1
Microplitis demolitor bracovirus (MdBV) YP_239399.1
Mollivirus sibericum YP_009165183.1
Mollivirus sibericum YP_009165117.1
Mollivirus sibericum YP_009165184.1
Mollivirus sibericum YP_009165120.1
Mollivirus sibericum YP_009165186.1
Monkeypox virus Zaire-96-I-16 NP_536439.1
Monkeypox virus Zaire-96-I-16 NP_536615.1
Monkeypox virus Zaire-96-I-16 NP_536593.1
Monkeypox virus Zaire-96-I-16 NP_536452.1
Monkeypox virus Zaire-96-I-16 NP_536437.1
Monkeypox virus Zaire-96-I-16 NP_536616.1
Monkeypox virus Zaire-96-I-16 NP_536605.1
Monkeypox virus Zaire-96-I-16 NP_536454.1
Myxoma virus NP_051863.1
Myxoma virus NP_051861.1
Myxoma virus NP_051874.1
Myxoma virus NP_051862.1
Only Syngen Nebraska virus 5 (OSy-NE5) YP_009325872.1
Only Syngen Nebraska virus 5 (OSy-NE5) YP_009325835.1
Only Syngen Nebraska virus 5 (OSy-NE5) YP_009325697.1
Only Syngen Nebraska virus 5 (OSy-NE5) YP_009325869.1
Only Syngen Nebraska virus 5 (OSy-NE5) YP_009325735.1
Orf virus NP_957906.1
Orf virus NP_957903.1
Orf virus NP_957785.1
Orf virus NP_957905.1
Orf virus NP_957900.1
Pandoravirus dulcis YP_008319082.1
Pandoravirus dulcis YP_008319084.1
Pandoravirus dulcis YP_008318827.1
Pandoravirus dulcis YP_008319561.1
Pandoravirus inopinatum YP_009119535.1
Pandoravirus inopinatum YP_009120355.1
Pandoravirus inopinatum YP_009119741.1
Pandoravirus inopinatum YP_009120632.1
Pandoravirus inopinatum YP_009120352.1
Pandoravirus salinus YP_008437840.1
Pandoravirus salinus YP_008437035.1
Pandoravirus salinus YP_008436726.1
Pandoravirus salinus YP_008438842.1
Pandoravirus salinus YP_008437435.1
Pandoravirus salinus YP_008437032.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus 1 (PBCV-1) NP_048686.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus 1 (PBCV-1) NP_048355.2
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus 1 (PBCV-1) NP_049028.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus 1 (PBCV-1) NP_048786.2
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus 1 (PBCV-1) NP_048596.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus 1 (PBCV-1) NP_048353.2
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus 1 (PBCV-1) NP_049038.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus 1 (PBCV-1) NP_048963.2
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus AR158 YP_001498890.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus AR158 YP_001498809.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus AR158 YP_001498410.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus AR158 YP_001498103.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus AR158 YP_001498883.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus AR158 YP_001498612.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus AR158 YP_001498380.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus AR158 YP_001498097.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus FR483 YP_001426468.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus FR483 YP_001426342.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus FR483 YP_001425665.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus FR483 YP_001426462.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus FR483 YP_001426092.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2A YP_001497519.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2A YP_001497214.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2A YP_001498070.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2A YP_001497779.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2A YP_001497570.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2A YP_001497220.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2A YP_001498076.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2A YP_001498008.1
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2A YP_001497673.1
Parapoxvirus red deer/HL953 YP_009112867.1
Parapoxvirus red deer/HL953 YP_009112862.1
Parapoxvirus red deer/HL953 YP_009112743.1
Parapoxvirus red deer/HL953 YP_009112868.1
Parapoxvirus red deer/HL953 YP_009112865.1
Parapoxvirus red deer/HL953 YP_009112746.1
Parapoxvirus red deer/HL953 YP_009112742.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046009.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046214.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046026.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046224.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046005.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046159.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046236.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046020.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046222.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046112.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046234.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046015.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046219.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046030.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046231.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046012.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046215.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046027.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046225.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046008.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046212.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046239.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046025.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046223.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046157.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046235.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046016.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046220.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046035.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046233.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046014.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046217.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046029.1
Penguinpox virus YP_009046230.1
Phaeocystis globosa virus YP_008052331.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046261.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046459.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046393.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046256.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046454.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046271.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046451.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046253.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046268.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046462.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046448.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046249.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046266.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046460.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046444.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046257.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046457.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046274.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046453.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046255.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046270.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046450.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046250.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046267.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046461.1
Pigeonpox virus YP_009046446.1
Pseudocowpox virus YP_003457432.1
Pseudocowpox virus YP_003457430.1
Pseudocowpox virus YP_003457431.1
Pseudocowpox virus YP_003457427.1
Pteropox virus YP_009268723.1
Rabbit fibroma virus NP_052034.1
Rabbit fibroma virus NP_052044.1
Rabbit fibroma virus NP_052033.1
Raccoonpox virus YP_009143341.1
Raccoonpox virus YP_009143518.1
Raccoonpox virus YP_009143328.1
Raccoonpox virus YP_009143510.1
Raccoonpox virus YP_009143504.1
Raccoonpox virus YP_009143489.1
Raccoonpox virus YP_009143339.1
Raccoonpox virus YP_009143517.1
Raccoonpox virus YP_009143509.1
Raccoonpox virus YP_009143502.1
Scale drop disease virus YP_009163877.1
Scale drop disease virus YP_009163875.1
Scale drop disease virus YP_009163845.1
Scale drop disease virus YP_009163885.1
Scale drop disease virus YP_009163876.1
Scale drop disease virus YP_009163869.1
Seal parapoxvirus YP_009389411.1
Seal parapoxvirus YP_009389298.1
Seal parapoxvirus YP_009389407.1
Sheeppox virus NP_659718.1
Sheeppox virus NP_659715.1
Sheeppox virus NP_659722.1
Sheeppox virus NP_659717.1
Sheeppox virus NP_659586.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282710.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282895.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282703.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282888.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282725.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282903.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282712.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282896.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282705.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282890.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282699.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282875.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282723.1
Skunkpox virus YP_009282902.1
Swinepox virus NP_570301.1
Swinepox virus NP_570304.1
Swinepox virus NP_570302.1
Swinepox virus NP_570303.1
Taterapox virus YP_717341.1
Taterapox virus YP_717327.1
Taterapox virus YP_717520.1
Taterapox virus YP_717313.1
Taterapox virus YP_717512.1
Taterapox virus YP_717342.1
Taterapox virus YP_717339.1
Taterapox virus YP_717527.1
Taterapox virus YP_717325.1
Taterapox virus YP_717516.1
Taterapox virus YP_717494.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177124.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177187.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177034.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177184.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177030.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177182.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177028.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177141.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177036.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177185.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177031.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177183.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177029.1
Turkeypox virus YP_009177178.1
Vaccinia virus YP_233068.1
Vaccinia virus YP_232912.1
Vaccinia virus YP_233096.1
Vaccinia virus YP_232898.1
Vaccinia virus YP_233085.1
Vaccinia virus YP_233081.1
Vaccinia virus YP_232914.1
Vaccinia virus YP_232901.1
Vaccinia virus YP_233093.1
Vaccinia virus YP_232896.1
Vaccinia virus YP_233084.1
Variola virus NP_042051.1
Variola virus NP_042233.1
Variola virus NP_042218.1
Variola virus NP_042062.1
Variola virus NP_042050.1
Variola virus NP_042239.1
Variola virus NP_042231.1
Variola virus NP_042065.1
Volepox virus YP_009281951.1
Volepox virus YP_009281757.1
Volepox virus YP_009281942.1
Volepox virus YP_009281753.1
Volepox virus YP_009281779.1
Volepox virus YP_009281766.1
Volepox virus YP_009281952.1
Volepox virus YP_009281759.1
Volepox virus YP_009281944.1
Volepox virus YP_009281756.1
Volepox virus YP_009281929.1
Volepox virus YP_009281777.1
Volepox virus YP_009281764.1
Yaba monkey tumor virus NP_938399.1
Yaba monkey tumor virus NP_938397.1
Yaba monkey tumor virus NP_938398.1
Yaba monkey tumor virus NP_938269.1
Yaba-like disease virus NP_073533.1
Yaba-like disease virus NP_073531.1
Yaba-like disease virus NP_073393.1
Yaba-like disease virus NP_073532.1
Yaba-like disease virus NP_073396.1
Yokapox virus YP_004821529.1
Yokapox virus YP_004821522.1
Yokapox virus YP_004821536.1
Yokapox virus YP_004821532.1
Yokapox virus YP_004821525.1
Yokapox virus YP_004821368.1
Yokapox virus YP_004821537.1
Yokapox virus YP_004821533.1