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VOG workflow

Orthologous groups are a central resource for comparative virus (meta-)genomics. VOGDB, a continously updated resource of Virus Orthologous Groups (VOG), is based all RefSeq virus genomes and thus represents all viral lineages of which complete genomes are available. A schematic workflow is shown on the right. VOG release numbers are equivalent to the RefSeq release numbers they are based on.

VOGDB provides specific tools for virus metagenomics:

  1. Virus specific groups: VOG without homology to cellular genomes are labeled as virus-specific markers. They allow to identify virus sequences in metagenomes (used e.g. in HoloVir) or pro-viruses in cellular (meta) genomes. Virus specific VOG are derived by using three different stringencies (high: no hits of E<1e-04 in more than 2 eukaryotic genomes; medium: no hits of E<1e-10 in more than 3 eukaryotic genomes; low: no hits of E<1e-15 in more than 4 eukaryotic genomes).
  2. Panels of essential groups: VOG which encode essential genes for viral lineages (such as for virus structure and replication) are grouped. These panels facilitate OTU-based diversity analysis. These groups are currently under construction and will be provided by mid 2017.

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