Proteins in Virus Orthologous Group

Species name Protein name
Ageratum leaf curl betasatellite YP_007684352.1
Ageratum leaf curl Buea betasatellite YP_004046694.1
Ageratum leaf curl Cameroon betasatellite YP_010782911.1
Ageratum yellow leaf curl betasatellite NP_877488.1
Ageratum yellow vein betasatellite NP_570977.1
Ageratum yellow vein China betasatellite YP_241106.1
Ageratum yellow vein India betasatellite YP_009666103.1
Ageratum yellow vein Sri Lanka betasatellite YP_009666104.1
Alternanthera yellow vein betasatellite YP_001285942.1
Andrographis yellow vein leaf curl betasatellite YP_009021873.1
Bhendi yellow vein betasatellite NP_570980.1
Bhendi yellow vein India betasatellite [India:Aurangabad:OY164:2006] YP_004123087.1
Bhendi yellow vein mosaic betasatellite [India:Coimbator:OYCO1:2005] YP_004123723.1
Bitter gourd leaf curl betasatellite YP_443924.1
Cardiospermum yellow leaf curl betasatellite YP_001661327.1
Chayote yellow mosaic Benin betasatellite YP_009256558.1
Chili leaf curl betasatellite NP_877490.1
Chili leaf curl Bhatinda betasatellite YP_008060797.1
Chili leaf curl Sri Lanka betasatellite YP_009507806.1
Codiaeum leaf curl betasatellite YP_010087363.1
Corchorus yellow vein mosaic betasatellite YP_007517309.1
Cotton leaf curl Bangalore betasatellite YP_010797451.1
Cotton leaf curl betasatellite NP_443746.1
Cotton leaf curl Burewala betasatellite YP_003433565.1
Cotton leaf curl Gezira betasatellite YP_010798053.1
Cotton leaf curl Multan betasatellite YP_010797217.1
Cotton leaf curl Multan DNA betasatellite - [India:Bahraich 03:Kenaf:2006] YP_010796978.1
Cowpea severe leaf curl-associated DNA beta YP_224228.1
Croton yellow vein mosaic betasatellite YP_873920.1
Cyanophage P-TIM40 YP_009188110.1
Cyanophage S-RIM32 YP_009301528.1
Cyanophage S-RIM44 YP_009783166.1
Emilia yellow vein Fujian betasatellite YP_010087552.1
Emilia yellow vein virus-associated DNA beta YP_002875766.1
Erectites yellow mosaic virus satellite DNA beta YP_001285939.1
Eupatorium yellow vein betasatellite NP_775488.1
Eupatorium yellow vein mosaic betasatellite YP_009507807.1
French bean leaf curl betasatellite-Kanpur YP_006491268.1
Hedyotis yellow mosaic betasatellite YP_008877633.1
Hibiscus vein enation betasatellite YP_010087356.1
Honeysuckle yellow vein beta-[Japan:Fukui:2001] YP_003706632.1
Honeysuckle yellow vein betasatellite NP_877494.1
Honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic betasatellite YP_031729.1
Honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic disease associated satellite DNA beta YP_001293194.1
Honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic disease associated satellite DNA beta-[Nara] YP_010796942.1
Kenaf leaf curl betasatellite YP_010801312.1
Kenaf leaf curl betasatellite YP_010796980.1
Leucas zeylanica yellow vein virus satellite DNA beta YP_003264272.1
Lindernia anagallis yellow vein betasatellite YP_001285941.1
Ludwigia leaf distortion betasatellite YP_010797261.1
Ludwigia leaf distortion betasatellite [India:Amadalavalasa:Hibiscus:2007] YP_001816825.1
Ludwigia leaf distortion betasatellite [India:Bahraich:Hibiscus:2006] YP_010796977.1
Ludwigia yellow vein virus-associated DNA beta YP_271830.1
Luffa begomovirus betasatellite YP_009175039.1
Luffa puckering and leaf distortion-associated betasatellite [India:Gurdaspur:Okra:2013] YP_009044084.1
Luffa puckering and leaf distortion-associated DNA beta YP_338237.1
Malachra yellow vein mosaic betasatellite YP_009175033.1
Malachra yellow vein mosaic virus-associated satellite DNA beta YP_001672007.1
Malvastrum leaf curl betasatellite YP_453680.1
Malvastrum leaf curl Guangdong betasatellite YP_009022084.1
Malvastrum yellow mosaic virus satellite DNA beta YP_851013.1
Malvastrum yellow vein betasatellite YP_010796943.1
Malvastrum yellow vein Chitwan betasatellite YP_009205130.1
Malvastrum yellow vein Yunnan virus satellite DNA beta YP_010796981.1
Mesta yellow vein mosaic virus-associated DNA beta YP_001504109.1
Mimosa yellow leaf curl virus satellite DNA beta YP_001285936.1
Mirabilis leaf curl betasatellite YP_009508244.1
Mirabilis leaf curl India virus associated betasatellite YP_009047195.1
Mungbean yellow mosaic India virus associated betasatellite [India: Faizabad: Cow Pea:2012] YP_006908508.1
Okra enation leaf curl betasatellite [India:Sonipat:EL10:2006] YP_004123724.1
Okra leaf curl betasatellite NP_671454.1
Okra leaf curl betasatellite [India:Munthal:EL38:2006] YP_010796982.1
Okra leaf curl Mali virus satellite DNA beta YP_001425525.1
Okra leaf curl Oman betasatellite YP_009507808.1
Okra yellow vein disease associated sequence NP_877493.1
Papaya leaf curl betasatellite NP_821073.1
Papaya leaf curl betasatellite-Panipat 6 [India:Panipat:Papaya:2008] YP_009507810.1
Papaya leaf curl China betasatellite [China:Hainan:2014] YP_009507809.1
Pea leaf distortion betasatellite YP_009344827.1
Pepper leaf curl virus satellite DNA beta YP_001648890.1
Pepper leaf curl Yunnan virus satellite DNA beta YP_001856217.1
Potato apical leaf curl disease-associated satellite DNA beta YP_899470.1
Prochlorococcus phage Syn1 YP_004324399.1
Radish leaf curl betasatellite YP_001648982.1
Rhynchosia yellow mosaic betasatellite YP_009507811.1
Rose leaf curl betasatellite YP_010775594.1
Sida leaf curl virus-associated DNA beta YP_425035.1
Sida yellow mosaic China satellite DNA beta YP_077193.1
Sida yellow vein Vietnam virus satellite DNA beta YP_001285938.1
Sida yellow vein virus satellite DNA beta YP_271831.1
Siegesbeckia yellow vein betasatellite YP_009507812.1
Siegesbeckia yellow vein Guangxi virus satellite DNA beta YP_010796947.1
Siegesbeckia yellow vein virus-associated DNA beta YP_665627.1
Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus 1 YP_025016.1
Synechococcus phage ACG-2014e YP_010355636.1
Synechococcus phage ACG-2014e YP_010355638.1
Synechococcus phage ACG-2014h YP_009008154.1
Synechococcus phage ACG-2014h YP_009008155.1
Synechococcus phage ACG-2014i YP_009140815.1
Synechococcus phage ACG-2014i YP_009140813.1
Synechococcus phage ACG-2014j YP_009134007.1
Synechococcus phage ACG-2014j YP_009134008.1
Synechococcus phage ACG-2014j YP_009134006.1
Synechococcus phage Bellamy YP_009791182.1
Synechococcus phage S-CAM1 YP_007672991.1
Synechococcus phage S-CAM3 YP_009321281.1
Synechococcus phage S-CAM4 YP_009320459.1
Synechococcus phage S-CAM4 YP_009320458.1
Synechococcus phage S-H9-1 YP_010669515.1
Synechococcus phage S-H9-1 YP_010669517.1
Synechococcus phage S-H9-2 YP_010669434.1
Synechococcus phage S-PM2 YP_195249.1
Synechococcus phage S-RSM4 YP_003097452.1
Synechococcus phage S-RSM4 YP_003097451.1
Synechococcus phage S-SKS1 YP_007674605.1
Synechococcus phage S-SM2 YP_004322184.1
Synechococcus phage S-SRM01 YP_010670024.1
Synechococcus phage S-SZBM1 YP_010656541.1
Synechococcus phage S-WAM1 YP_009325011.1
Synechococcus phage S-WAM2 YP_009324183.1
Synechococcus phage S-WAM2 YP_009324186.1
Tobacco curly shoot betasatellite NP_778144.1
Tobacco leaf chlorosis betasatellite YP_010797199.1
Tobacco leaf curl betasatellite-[Pakistan:Multan:Pedilanthus:2004] YP_002608221.1
Tobacco leaf curl disease associated sequence NP_877491.1
Tobacco leaf curl Japan betasatellite YP_001210298.1
Tobacco leaf curl Patna betasatellite YP_009507813.1
Tobacco leaf curl Yunnan betasatellite YP_009238499.1
Tomato begomovirus satellite DNA beta NP_859031.1
Tomato leaf curl Bangalore betasatellite YP_009507814.1
Tomato leaf curl Bangalore virus-[Ban5] satellite DNA beta YP_001604158.1
Tomato leaf curl Bangladesh betasatellite YP_010797592.1
Tomato leaf curl Bangladesh betasatellite YP_010782913.1
Tomato leaf curl betasatellite YP_010797009.1
Tomato leaf curl betasatellite YP_010782914.1
Tomato leaf curl betasatellite YP_010797262.1
Tomato leaf curl betasatellite YP_010782916.1
Tomato leaf curl betasatellite-Panipat 7 [India:Panipat:Papaya:2008] YP_010796983.1
Tomato leaf curl China betasatellite YP_010782917.1
Tomato leaf curl Gandhinagar betasatellite YP_008914861.1
Tomato leaf curl Hajipur betasatellite YP_006732325.1
Tomato leaf curl Java betasatellite (ToLCJaB) YP_010775595.1
Tomato leaf curl Java virus-[Ageratum] satellite DNA NP_976233.1
Tomato leaf curl Joydebpur betasatellite YP_010797599.1
Tomato leaf curl Joydebpur betasatellite YP_010782915.1
Tomato leaf curl Joydebpur betasatellite [India/Jaunpur/Chilli/2007] YP_006200950.1
Tomato leaf curl Karnataka betasatellite YP_803552.1
Tomato leaf curl Laguna betasatellite YP_009507815.1
Tomato leaf curl Laos betasatellite YP_009508245.1
Tomato leaf curl Malaysia betasatellite YP_009507816.1
Tomato leaf curl Nepal betasatellite YP_009508246.1
Tomato leaf curl New Delhi betasatellite NP_958778.1
Tomato leaf curl Pakistan betasatellite YP_010801315.1
Tomato leaf curl Pakistan betasatellite YP_009352858.1
Tomato leaf curl Patna betasatellite YP_002775438.1
Tomato leaf curl Philippine betasatellite YP_001293193.1
Tomato leaf curl Ranchi betasatellite YP_010087331.1
Tomato leaf curl Togo betasatellite-[Togo:2006] YP_010797259.1
Tomato leaf curl virus-Pune-associated DNA beta YP_803553.1
Tomato leaf curl Yemen betasatellite YP_006908507.1
Tomato leaf curl Yunnan betasatellite YP_009551904.1
Tomato yellow dwarf disease associated satellite DNA beta-[Kochi] YP_001497158.1
Tomato yellow leaf curl betasatellite YP_001604086.1
Tomato yellow leaf curl China betasatellite YP_007008153.1
Tomato yellow leaf curl Rajasthan betasatellite YP_009507817.1
Tomato yellow leaf curl Shandong betasatellite YP_009507818.1
Tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand betasatellite NP_859030.1
Tomato yellow leaf curl Vietnam betasatellite YP_001285940.1
Tomato yellow leaf curl Yunnan betasatellite YP_009507819.1
TYLCCNV-[Y322] satellite DNA beta YP_460025.1
Vernonia crinkle betasatellite YP_009329834.1
Vernonia yellow vein betasatellite YP_003264271.1
Vernonia yellow vein Fujian betasatellite YP_004778176.1
Zinnia leaf curl virus-associated DNA beta YP_015695.1